Embrace your goals for 2022

The following interview is a translated version of my interview published in Omikron Magazine (Issue 294, December 2021). Enjoy the journey!

The well-known Transformational Coach explains to us why it is important to set goals and to have a trusted person by our side who will help us achieve them.

What makes you different from other Coaches?

I am a son, a brother, a father, a husband, a friend, a colleague, but above all, I am a “Human” like you. I was there (where you are), I did the work, and I continue to do it alone. I do not claim to have all the answers or to have discovered everything. The truth is that I am in a process of constant evolution in terms of my work, but I was, am, and will always be committed to this journey that has a positive impact on people’s lives. And throughout this journey, I have gained knowledge, certifications, and experiences that allow me to have a complete perspective. I have a unique approach to my program, addressed to all of you! At any time in our lives, we have the opportunity to CHANGE our lives, our bodies, and our minds. If certification makes sense to you – I made this investment and incorporated it into my work experience to support it. But in my opinion, the most important “certificate” in our cooperation is the connection. It makes me happy when all my clients feel supported and connected to me in a meaningful way. That’s when the magic happens! As an International Certified Professional Coach, my passion is to leave a lasting positive impact on every person I come in contact with.

Do I need a Coach?

A Transformational Coach is someone who can guide you through the process of making a significant change in your life, career, or business. He is someone who is specially trained, to work with people who are ready to take huge action in their lives, so that they can reach their full potential.

 How do I know I need coaching and in what aspects of my life?

If you want to change and improve any area of your life, Transformational Coaching addresses these challenges in a variety of ways:

  • It helps you define your life/career goals and vision.
  • Helps you identify a clear path and strategy to accelerate your growth.
  • It causes you to face any fears that may hinder your growth.
  • It supports you to find the passion and purpose in your life so that you are focused on your mission.
  • Provides you with knowledge and perspectives on thoughts or beliefs you may need to address.
  • It motivates you to overcome difficult times and adversity.
  • It helps you stay true to your goals, even when you feel you are moving away from them.
  • It instructs you to put an end to negative behaviors that sabotage you and no longer serve you.
  • Helps you build stronger relationships.
  • Supports you in areas that may be related to your finances or career.
  • It inspires you to take full control of your health and restore any problems to harmony.

 Why is it important for someone to set goals for the New Year? How can the coach help achieve these goals?

A coach will help set clear goals, direction, and purpose. Therefore, he can help you:

  •  Be confident and clear about the changes you want to make.
  • Get rid of restrictive beliefs and negative emotions that hold you back.
  • Understand your psychology and inner communication, and use them to maximize your performance in the area of life you want to improve.
  • Develop a clear action plan.
  • To have a space in which you can discuss confidential matters that concern you, without criticism.
  • To have someone by your side who has faith in you even if you does not have self-confidence.
  • Learn the tools and strategies that will help manage the changes that will occur.
  • To reconnect with yourself and discover what you need to change to become “YOURSELF” again and to live your goals.
  • The coach will help you embrace your new goals for 2022… The path is there, and we will walk it together.